Day cats 2020: from Egyptians and Vikings to modern Russians

the History of the relationship between humans and cats goes back a long way. In Egypt for killing sacred animals, even unintentionally, was a very severe punishment — in some cases, people convicted of the same, deprived of life. There is a theory that the cat portrays, at least one of the newly discovered geoglyphs on the Peruvian plateau Palpa. The Vikings also appreciated cats not only as hunters of rats on ships, but also as Pets in the modern sense — this is evidenced by many archaeological finds. By the way, it is assumed that the Vikings played a key role in the spread of cats throughout the world.

Cats are extremely popular Pets today – a relatively recent poll showed that these Pets at home keep 54 percent of Russians. 39 percent live in non-pedigreed cats, and the 19 – pedigree. Thus, even purebred cats in Russian homes was more than purebred dogs and “mutts” in the amount.

there are many holidays devoted to cats, and the most “international” of them is world cat day, celebrated on August 8 at the initiative of the International Foundation for the protection of animals Animal Welfare.

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