David Schwimmer and Jennifer aniston in the TV series “Friends”

the network continue to receive new details of the special edition of the series “Friends”, on which work was delayed because of the pandemic coronavirus. Days 53-year-old David Schwimmer, who played in the cult sitcom romantic paleontologist Ross Geller, a virtual visit to the Studio show, The Tonight Show.

In a conversation via video with host Jimmy Fallon Schwimmer discussed his character and his complicated relationship with Rachel green played by Jennifer aniston, and also revealed details of the special edition with the participation of all key actors of the series.

David Schwimmer

So, David responded to the questions was whether Ross and Rachel really the same “break”, they’re talking about throughout all the seasons of the sitcom. We are talking about a situation that occurred in the episode titled “The one where Ross and Rachel take a break” in the third season. Then Ross and Rachel had a huge fight, after which she stated that they need to take a break. Then the angry hero Schwimmer went to a bar in the company of Joe and Chandler’s, where heavily drunk and slept with a girl named Chloe.

This topic becomes a key issue in the relationship of Ross and Rachel. The opinion of the fans on this account also ambiguous: some side with Ross, justifying it by the fact that at the time they were on a break, and others, however, maintain Rachel.

People are so passionately disagree about whether a break in the relationship of Ross and Rachel. Yes, it’s not even a question! Of course, they had a break,

— put all the i David.

Schwimmer also said that fans of the series is so amusing and at the same time the subject of the relationship between Ross and Rachel that they often shout after him in the street the famous phrase of his character: “we had a break.”

David also said, when you plan to resume the filming of the special “Friends” and revealed some details of the episode involving Courtney Cox, Jennifer aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc’s and Matthew Perry.

Special issue will be mainly improvised. It will be a fun interview with lots of surprises for the audience. Shooting should resume by mid-August. But honestly, we’d like to wait a few more weeks when it will really be safe,

— said Schwimmer.

Recall that the first episode of “Friends” left NBC in 1994. The sitcom was broadcast for 10 years, and during that time, he had millions of fans worldwide who can now look forward to the release of the new episode.