– With the statue of David is perfectly familiar to every artist or architect of this handsome draw and in the entrance examination in art school. It is an iconic figure for all of us, – said Marina Berry. We worked together with the guys from Taknado buro and came up with this story when the background is something like a digital noise. The choice of this direction is dictated by a ribbed surface of the freight containers, which we painted.

getting started, Marina was hoping that the waffle texture of the “canvas” will be the only problem, however, in the process suddenly intervened gravity. Author Novosibirsk David had a nasty fall from a high ladder. Rally down, brave artist has caught on the stairs by the leg, hung upside down and in the process knocked the shoulder. Screaming in pain the girl freed worked alongside the builders. And later came to the aid of friends, colleagues, who concluded the work of the injured Marina.

– I Like to surprise: you walk around the city and suddenly around the corner I see magic in five floors, – says Marina. – We draw, knowing that it may become art one day, by the evening there may appear signs of vandalism, and in the morning the wall and not paint over. For example, after the street art festival “Siberian tales” wall street of Lenin was decorated with a variety of characters. People began to stop to be photographed. The owner decided that this is a great place for advertising. It is not surprising that the banner on top of tales of outraged everyone. Then the owner removed the banner… and painted the wall gray: it does not get you to anybody.


Street art is often associated with the risk falling from a ladder, only one of these stories. For example, in Orenburg Marina Berry transformed the wall a nine-storey building, but once at the level of the eighth floor acted up hydraulics lifting cradles – TA lurched to one side. Helped insurance and excellent response: first, the artist rushed to save the paint.