Friday night at the train station in Wil SG: David N.* (25) accompanied against 23.30 o’clock, a colleague. There he is, so it then describes N. on Facebook sees that six of the younger guys accost a 40-year-old man. As he goes in-between, he “pulled a bottle over the head.” The perpetrators running away, n. s wound is to be sewn at the head.

compared To “20 minutes”, he says, that he by the hard blow to the head some of the memories of the incident are missing. The colleague, but I can observe everything.

“I saw the blood flow,”

The strange man asked, therefore, the young people, to be a little quieter. Then there had been a battle of words. “The Situation degenerate seemed to be”, said the colleague. “I wanted to stop David from going to finishing, but he couldn’t look away.”

One of the Pöbler have him say from behind, a bottle on the back of the head hit, the colleague. “I was shocked, I saw the blood flowing”. You have had a great fear of David, “it could have been much worse”.

Via Facebook searches for n. now to perpetrators and victims. In addition, he has filed a complaint. Compared to “20 minutes”, he says: “I would do it again at any time. The risks are to me well known, this will not stop me, though.”

“Public call as a last resort,”

To VIEW the St. Gallen cantonal police confirmed the display. We are currently looking for the Participants. David N. himself goes on the search, not in the sense of officials. “This is a matter for the police,” says police spokesman Florian Schneider. You would know most of those, “the station Wil hang out”. A public call would be for the police is the last resort.

That N. has shown the courage of his convictions, welcomes the police spokesman. However, it could be useful that you bring yourself in danger. Schneider: “civic courage can mean so easy to choose 117. And to inform the police, where the group went.” (vof)

* Name known to the editors