Pelagia on his official page in social network published a video in which her daughter Taisiya delightfully listens to a song performed by Opera singer Khibla Gerzmava. She looked diva this entry and was touched to tears by the reaction of the child.

The footage shows how Taisiya is sitting in front of the screen, open-mouthed and listens to the singing Gerzmava. The child carefully listens to the vocals of an Opera diva and says: “What a song. What is the song!”.


A post shared by Pelagia (@pelageya_insta) on May 12, 2020 at 6:01am PDT

Gerzmava are unable to remain indifferent, and left a video review.

My girl you tasty darling! My honey! She will separately to sing a song different! Aunt Hibla loves it! — wrote an Opera diva on the page Pelageya in Instagram.

As previously reported singer Pelageya did not believe that she “flew the boomerang” in a relationship with a hockey player Ivan by Telegony. In the Network, as only the spouse of the singer has a mistress, the actress recalled the story of meeting with the athlete.