was like to grow up With a famous father like Udo Jürgens (†80) is not always easy. About his daughter Jenny Jürgens (52) speaks on Monday evening in the ARD-show “Reinhold Beckmann hits” (22: 45). Of envious classmates, you and your brother, “big shots children had been” called.

And still a topic today, the 52-Year-old. The separation between Udo Jürgens and her mother Panja (80). “My parents lived an open marriage under one roof. Each had its own wing, his living room and his bedroom.” The open marriage your parents had been a little Normal for you and your brother John, so Jenny Jürgens the “image”. “For my mother it was not always easy. It has taken more wounds than my father, because you have a family wish from the heart that stays together and works.”

“I’m glad that my mother Udo has not to leave”

This was also the reason why your mother stayed 26 years with Udo Jürgens, though he always had other partners at his side. “As a woman without a profession and with children it was much more dependent than it is today. My mother knew also that it crashes the whole family model in the crisis, if you leave, Udo. She made it for us.”

she was glad that her mother Udo did not leave. “I don’t know how I would have thought that with seven years coped.” As her parents were then in 1989, divorced after 26 years of marriage, it was no big Surprise. Today, Panja lives with her husband David (54) in Mallorca. Jenny visited her there often and was also on the island, when her father died, failure, 2014, in Zurich at heart. She travelled immediately to Switzerland, to say good-bye to your father.

Udo Jürgens left behind to see to his children a fortune

“The father dead, the Brachialste, what I have ever experienced. My brother held my Hand. So I’ve confessed to this Moment,” says Jenny about this incisive Moment in your life. It felt like an Amputation, the always keep a phantom pain. “And this incredible radicality and finiteness that is simply in there, is to understand up until today for me is still hard to come by.”

Udo Jürgens left to his children a million-heir. A Job to Survive, then Jenny would not have needed to, but her work had given her life a new meaning. It supports with the Association “heart factory” seniors in Düsseldorf, living in poverty and loneliness. (paf)