Shawn Crahan (49), the Slipknot co-founder of the Heavy Metal Band, in mourning with his wife Chantel Crahan and his family to his youngest daughter, Gabrielle. With only 22 years is on the 18th. May, surprisingly passed away. According to “TMZ” she died, apparently of a drug Overdose.

When the rescue workers arrived, they were lifesaving measures were initiated – without success. The police reported, according to “TMZ”, that you have found drug paraphernalia and evidence of narcotic consumption on-site. In addition, Gabrielle had a drug history.

Toxicological advice is available from

The authorities will continue to investigate the case, however. So far, the cause of death of the daughter of Slipknot-Stars is not to be studied toxicologically. But the outer signs point to drugs. Shawn Crahan announced that Gabrielle’s funeral on Sunday, 26. May, will take place in Iowa.

He thanked his Fans for their love and support, and writes: “you have all proven that there is in this community, empathy, positivity and strength that we call humanity here on earth.”

Gabrielle is the youngest of four children of the Metal Stars Shawn “Clown” Crahan. He has another daughter and two sons. On Twitter, the 49 announced-Year-old the sad news: “With a broken heart and the deepest of pain that I must inform you all that my youngest daughter, Gabrielle, on Saturday (18. May) passed away. She was 22 years old.”

“22 is too young to die”

Alexandria, Gabriella’s older sister, grieves on Instagram: “I’m in shock and have no idea how should I process the wave of emotions that I experience.” She continued: “my parents and my brothers give a lot of power. This loss leaves the biggest hole, and our lives will never be the same again. 22 is to young to die.” (euc)