On 83-m to year of life from the coronavirus passed away, the outstanding baritone Sergey Yakovenko. For many years he was head of the vocal part of the Children’s musical theatre of Natalia Sats. Her daughter, a teacher, a librettist, head of the literary-pedagogical part of the theater named after N. And.Roksana Sats Sats shared with the “MK” memories.

“great pain has caused me news of the death of Sergey Yakovenko. It was really the top model of the culture associated with unique art and it was from the inside. After all, Natalia Ilinichna, who called him, said, “No, you do not see that we have a children’s theatre. We have nothing “among other things”. We must initially bear the genuine art and genuine vocal culture, which lights and illuminates all the true light.” He was carrying, and it immediately gave the whole a different movement, a different message, a different height. And he very soon changed the atmosphere of our then young soloists, some of which were still not experienced enough. Long parted with the theater, although he was already unwell. It is a huge disappointment for us, but the light which he carried, and which goes out for those who love music, vocal arts and who care for genuine musical theatre. Grief, pride, pain and admiration.”