Anna Maria Ephraim has said about the desire to negotiate with specialists to show his mother, actress Xenia Kachalina, narcologist and psychiatrist. The girl believes that her mother needs treatment. The TV show “the Secret million dollar” Anna Maria showed the apartment of Ksenia Kachalina in which the scattered bottles and cigarette butts lying right in the middle of the room. So Ephraim decided to formalize custody of Kachalino.

“today I am an official representative of Anna Maria Ephraim. Apparently, Ksenia Kachalina health problems, needs treatment. To go to the doctors alone she refuses. So all the concern over the actress wants to take her daughter — the only officially. Guardianship appointed in a judicial proceeding, it is necessary to prepare a number of documents that we have actively collected”, — quotes the lawyer of Vladimir Komsolev

Anna Maria, according to the lawyer concerned for the mother, who is almost helpless and useless. A girl can’t get in to Kachalino, which spelled out, because there is installed new locks.

“Of the property is an unpleasant odor, the actress a few times did not find the house… Xenia is clearly required protection and assistance. And suddenly she gets sick, and no one will be next?” — added Komsolev.

We will remind, that Anna Maria Efremova has repeatedly complained about the alcoholism and inappropriate behavior of his mother. The girl admitted that the actress was often violent towards her when she was 8-12 years.

“I don’t think I want to call it such an important word as “mother.” Really don’t feel for her love,” said Ephraim.