Erich S.* (63) from Eptingen BL is not afraid of the fight with the red tape. The farmer protested vehemently against the decision of the school authorities that his daughter (14) is in the Sek Sissach, instead of staying in the old school in the middle of the upper village.

Stubborn of Basel kept the tenderer and his wife Regina (58), the daughter from the school district – from August 2017 to may 2018. Finally, the child and adult protection authority (Kesb) intervened and made the visit to Sandra’s request, the school in the upper village.

care and Education does not hurt

Without the Kesb, the girl would probably be up today, back in school. The unauthorized instruction lock of nine months for parents, yet a sequel: The criminal court of the Canton of Basel country, said yesterday, the father and mother of the breach of the care and Education of not guilty.

not whether It went any other way than to keep the daughter at home, said the farmer yesterday before the court. His defense: “There were two red lights. The way to school to Sissach, according to the Canton court, is not reasonable. And to Oberndorf, we were not allowed to send Sandra back in the day. So what should we do?” The judge asked: “Have you ever thought to jump over your own shadow? And bring the daughter to Sissach?”

judge sees “querulous” trains the farmers

The alleged arguments of the parents took advantage of nothing. The criminal court confirmed the order of punishment by the Prosecutor and condemned by both the father and the mother to a conditional fine of 60 daily rates à 60 francs. The judge justified the verdict that you could not well select times at the discretion of the City. “You have fought a authorities conflict on the back of your child,” he says. “As a result, you have endangered the spiritual development of your child.” He attested to Erich p. a bossy attitude and “querulous” trains.

The girls, it goes well

all the same, Sandra has survived, according to her father, the forced break in the yard. Erich S.: “The child is happy. It is entered in a class lower back, she is the best in Class and with their friends from the primary school in the same class.”

Nevertheless, the belligerent farmer thought that to challenge the judgment: “We await the written reasons. The most Important thing is that Sandra is now in the upper village in the school.”

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