Daughter Lufthansa suspends all flights

Since March 19, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, Austrian Airlines temporarily suspends scheduled flights. According to the company, the latter will be made March 19: the plane from Chicago to land in Vienna. Thus Austrian airlines respond to entry restrictions imposed by many countries to combat the spread of coronavirus.

While it is planned that Austrian Airlines will suspend regular flights until March 28. Passengers who have already booked tickets for this period will be offered, if possible, to renew them on flights with other airlines.

however, as noted in the Lufthansa Group, the group plans to continue to reduce the number of long – and short-haul flights. Primarily this will affect the direction of the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America.

“In General, the reduction in seat capacity of Lufthansa Group long-haul routes will be significant — up to 90 percent. Originally for the summer of 2020 was planned 1300 weekly flights,” — said in an official statement Lufthansa.