Yesterday, the artist felt bad, she had a high fever and it was decided to call an ambulance.

Tatyana Vasilyeva confirmed coronavirus

The star was taken to the hospital, but from there she decided to go home.

Now Tatyana Vasilyeva house, the question of whether she will need hospitalization or not, has not been resolved.

Maria Bolonkina, her daughter-in-law, said that Vasilyeva did a CT scan, and the results are good. And out of the hospital, the actress went home because corny was scared.

“the Tests will be ready in three days. The virus was not confirmed, so don’t panic” — quote Bolonkin 7 Days.

“the situation in the hospital is terrible! Doctors work wear. Please! Pray! This is no joke… Stay home and take care of yourself,” said Maria.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Tatyana Vasilyeva, in her words, at least a month complied with the withdrawal, but, nevertheless, felt ill and asked for help to the doctors.