Minor daughter of the Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov in 2019, reported income of 10 million rubles, which is more than twice the earnings of his father, who was about 4.3 million rubles. It follows from the data the income data published on the website of the government of the Ryazan region on Thursday.

According to published data, in 2019 Nikolai Lyubimov earned more than 4.3 million rubles, and in 2018 its revenues exceeded 15 million rubles. The wife of the head of region has declared more than 1.8 million rubles, more than double its earnings in 2018 840 thousand rubles. The largest income of 10 million roubles, has declared the youngest daughter of the Governor. At the same time last year, a child of the head region, reported revenue of 8 million rubles.

In 2019, the family of the head of the region, as before, used the apartment with an area of 205,1 sq. meters, the wife owned an apartment of 92 square metres, shares the apartment with an area of 70.6 square meters and declared the car Audi Q7.

The eldest daughter of the Governor in 2019 reached the age of majority data is no longer specified in the Declaration. The real property, three apartments, commercial unit and garage, recorded on the children and specified in the Declaration in 2018, in 2019 do not appear. In the use of the minor daughter of the Governor had the apartment with an area of 127,7 sq. meters, Parking area of 16.7 square meters and non-residential premises-storage room with an area of 2.2 sqm, which, as stated on the website, acquired by the income received from the sale of real property and savings of the father for 2018.