they are almost the same age: Michael Wendlers daughter Adeline (17) talks in an Interview about her relationship with the new girlfriend of her father – and says how it feels like to be that student, Laura (18) is just a year older than themselves.

Adeline Norberg’s not hiding that this constellation is quite strange: at First, her parents Michael (46) and Claudia (48) separated last year after twenty years of marriage to each other – and shortly thereafter, your dad introduced a new woman at his side, the thirty-years younger than his Still-wife and an age that could be his daughter.

Adeline tries to arrange

“of course It is funny, the can no,” Adeline in an Interview with the TV channel Vox, “if your father brings a younger girl home with you, this is really only a few years younger.” You have accepted it, but asked: “How did you get in?”

Apparently, she is now trying to come to terms with her father’s new girlfriend. She sees you as a kind of sister. A Person of this age could sometimes “also, if the parents understand something, the more I empathize”.

And how Laura feels about Adeline? “Full Suss. Which is even greater than I,” she said in an Interview with RTL. (wyt)