Dating sites have become increasingly scammers work

Photo: depositphotos/AndreyPopov

a Third of users of digital Dating services in one way or another been faced with fraud. From a survey from ESET, it follows that in two years the number of criminals increased by 6 percent, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

the Experts found that in the period from 2018 to 2020 have also increased the number of suspected spam. Now almost one in ten – 11 per cent of users receive messages with viruses and suspicious links.

studies show that most scammers use social engineering techniques. In fact, the strategy of behavior changes from victim to victim, gaining confidence. Then the attackers extort money, send links to phishing sites trying to find out personal information or lure photo.

As stated by the information security specialist Igor Bederov with reference to data of the Prosecutor General, the volume of Internet crimes last year increased by 67 percent. Numerically it is about 294 thousand accidents.

to protect yourself on Dating sites, it is necessary to observe simple rules. First, you can’t click on suspicious links and especially to install any third-party software. Second, it is not necessary to share personal information. Finally, we must not respond to suspicious requests or overly generous offers.

According to Mediascope, Russia’s most popular service Soundcloud. This platform created of 1.48 million citizens. In addition, in the top 3 by number of users entered “Drugvokrug” and Mamba.

Earlier it was reported that for the year 2019 with Bank cards of Muscovites stole 12 billion rubles. According to ATC SWAD gumvd of Russia in Moscow, the number of such attacks increased by almost 70 percent.

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