Data about children's vaccinations loaded into an electronic medical record

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

according to The childhood vaccination appeared in the electronic medical record. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakov.

“Today’s an important step that we wanted to announce is that in the electronic medical record section of the vaccination is open,” said Rakova.

She added that now in the map are delivered to the child’s vaccinations. After following vaccination, the parent will receive a corresponding message on the phone, the specialist explained.

“All vaccinations that are delivered to your child in a city health care system, reflected there. All of these vaccinations not only we digitized urban maps, they still endorsed or digitized doctors who are the doctors in charge of your child” – added Rakov.

Since mid-January, the Muscovites gained access to the unified electronic medical record. With it, citizens have the opportunity to quickly obtain relevant information about their health status without extra trips to the clinic.

Electronic medical record contains the history of the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. It is the protocols of the examinations of physicians, results of laboratory and instrumental investigations, prescriptions and other medical documents. It starts when you first visit the clinic, constantly updated and is one of the main tools of physicians.

in addition, referring, for example, to the doctor of a private clinic, you can provide all the necessary information in real time. To arrange access to their own electronic medical records and their children can patients over the age of 15 in the presence of the Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy.

To get access you need in your account on the portal to fill in passport data, data of medical insurance, mobile phone number and attach your color photo with your passport in hand.

for the First time such cardss appeared in the capital’s clinics in 2015. They are available to the doctors in the clinic and ambulance during a call.

Muscovites have opened access to electronic medical records

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