without the football can’t live Darmstadt’s top scorer, even in times of Corona.

In the break, it pulled Serdar Dursun (28) for a week to the parents to Hamburg. Back where it all started.

Darmstadt, Serdar Dursun (left, here against Heath home Patrick Mainka) has scored already this season with eleven goals. So many he had trained last season at the end of photo: picture alliance / Joaquim Ferre

The striker to the PICTURE: “I was with my brother Serkan. We were twice on the sports field, on which we have started. We were creative, we put together the benches and football-tennis played. But then the groundskeeper came and sent us out. We were only allowed to train on the Meadow.”

a Live IMAGE Jens Spahn to the current Corona-position source: Reuters Tweet Share by email send via Whatsapp

send Beautiful family was visiting anyway.

Dursun: “We had a lot of time and have enjoyed it. We talked a lot and laughed a lot. It was nice to have a family life as it was 30, 40 years, so. The world has changed in the last ten years, Yes, completely.“

In recent weeks, even as extreme as never before.

Dursun: “I was shopping with my mother. Toilet paper and flour You will find. If You think it is, it is already a privilege. I never thought in my life that, in Germany, because toilet paper is an argument. I’ve seen Videos. This is crazy.”

And athletic? The EM dream is burst for the Turks, for the time being. Dursun: “I don’t know if I would have been invited or not. But the chances were actually quite high. Now the EM has been moved. So I have to give a year of Gas, to be then maybe.”