the chief of The Swiss used clothing company Texaid has purchased in the low-tax Baar ZG two villas with a turnaround. He wants to tear it down and new real estate to replace. In accordance with the plans and estimates of real estate experts is the cost of the project for at least ten million francs, as the SonntagsBlick reported.

this raises the question: is the money from the used clothing business? So a lot of money with dresses deserve, the Swiss are from a charitable idea in the collection?

profit is The secret

to Answer the not – for Texaid is a private company limited by shares, and the year does not disclose the invoice. So, you know, that Texaid generates around 100 million Swiss francs in the year. But how big the profit is and how it is divided between the shareholders, is unknown.

Martina Ziegerer, Executive Director of the Swiss certification body for nonprofit, donation-collecting organizations (Zewo), confirmed to the Sunday look: “Since the Texaid AG publishes its annual financial statements, it is understandable, what proportion of the profit remains in the company, how much is to be distributed to the private investors and what is the share of the charitable works.”

Still. Because in those six auxiliary works, the part-owners of Texaid has triggered the reporting of Sunday. “The auxiliary works will discuss the issue of transparency with each other,” announces Sabine Zeilinger, spokeswoman for the Swiss Red cross (SRK),.

donors expect more transparency

in addition to the SRK also Caritas, Heks, Kolping, winter aid and Solidar Suisse in Texaid. They founded the company in 1978, together with a private Partner took over the old clothes collection and recycling operationally. It was the grandfather of today’s Texaid-CEOs with the villas in Baar.

Even today, 50 percent of the company belong to the relief agencies. Also, if the non-disclosure of the financial statements is legally correct to expect a donor, therefore, more transparency, it is, nevertheless, organizations that you support with money.

wrong image in the Public

More transparency would be good. Also, the false image of T-Shirt, correct the Texaid Container as a dress donation to a child in Africa or Asia country. Sabine Zeilinger of the Red cross makes it clear that Texaid have made in the last few years, many Attempts. “The idea is, the clothes recycling is a practical way to, if possible at a profit.”

In fact, Texaid is not intended on its Website on alms in the Form of clothing, but on the ecological thoughts of being economical with resources. Especially in a fast-paced time, in the fashion trends of the month, change the rhythm, wants to make the company, not more Used, but again recovered can be destroyed – whether it be rags in a second-hand shop or as a cleaner. Texaid indicates that only five percent of collected used clothing can no longer be recycled.

this circuit would also benefit the Swiss relief organizations, because they share in the profits, says Zeilinger: “The SRK is the money we receive from Texaid, for the most part, to our organizations, to Finance projects in Switzerland.”

36’000 tons of used clothing per year, collects Texaid in Switzerland. More than 6000 containers of the company are situated all over the country, in the people’s old clothes can interject, you want to give to the needy (LOOK told).

Even with Tell-Tex can be deposited at over 3500 locations in Switzerland, dresses and shoes. Or a package to send, which is given in cooperation with the mountain aid directly to the needy in the Swiss mountain regions. A large part of the used clothing is exported to foreign countries, sorted there, and to the needy.

150 tonnes of textiles at Caritas Zürich

Caritas Zurich delivered operates six second-hand shops in the entire Canton. There, among other things, clothes, shoes and accessories are sold at greatly reduced prices.

The goods: on the one hand, as a donation from private persons, on the other hand, from dress shops – every year, around 150 tons. Andreas Reinhart, a spokesman for Caritas Zurich to VIEW: “The revenue flows directly into our poverty projects in the whole of the Canton.”

churches Also have offers for old clothes recycling. For example, the “meeting point dress carousel” of the reformed parish of Birr AG. Here, needy people can obtain cheap dresses and shoes from private donations.

social Deaconess Daniela house Lord explains: “A pair of pants or a Sweater are going to have for a franc, shoes and Jackets for five francs.” With the revenue costs for the premises are covered.

clothes to bring H&M

Used textiles can also be H&M. There are pro garment bag with a voucher of 5 francs. Shoes and accessories is not H&M. The group used the old clothes especially for the new collection or sold them.

the Brocken houses the salvation army used clothes and shoes can be brought over. Or can you – together with other goods from pick – up to take.

Nicolas Lurati