don’t have to fight Now the consumers only buy by the Label-Chaos. The Coop serves the customers, since today is the first Swiss retailer, in addition to a light salad.

In stores the first products of the French food group Danone with the traffic light System Nutri-Score are available. Nutri-Score is supported by the French government. The traffic light graded the nutritional value of five colors – from very well-balanced (green A) to least balanced (red E).

a Little surprising: The first products with which the world’s largest dairy products manufacturer in Switzerland from your Nutri-Score wants to convince, with the rating of B relatively well. Specifically, Danonino children’s quarks, as well as a new cottage cheese line, points substances with their shares of fruits, protein and fiber. Essential for the good grade of regular sugar, fat and salt content.

Danone – versus-Coca-Cola-light

Danone-Switzerland-Chef Karim Chaouch says: “We are convinced that Nutri-Score is the right System.” Danone calls for a single food labelling for Switzerland, which should be voluntary.

In the case of local consumers, the scamper of Danone, but for confusion. Because in the Coop shelves of Coca-Cola products for a few months already with a colored light.

The Problem: The so-called industry-light, Coca-Cola, which rejected the competitors, Nestlé and Unilever, last November, works differently than Nutri-Score. Even a good nutrition is green. But there is not an overall grade, but four-color reviews for nutritional components such as fat and sugar. The result: a classic Coca-Cola, a green light lights up in three of the four categories.

Migros has a traffic light salad is already in the Romandie

Why Coop the traffic light salad? The retailer refers to the Association of the IG retailing, which represents the interests of Coop, Migros, Manor and Denner.

Noteworthy: The IG doesn’t want a traffic light. “From the perspective of the IG, the retail trade, the current System is sufficient,” says a spokesman. The foods are already fully informed about the composition and nutritional values.

: The French Nutri-Score shows the nutrient quality on a five-colour scale of A to E. Much fat, TRANS fat, sugar and salt’ll give minus points. Dietary fiber, fruit, fruit shares, and proteins a Plus. The Plus and minus points will be weighed for the assessment of each other. The portion size does not matter as a calculation basis of 100 grams of serving. A product with a generally favorable nutritional profile will receive a dark green A. France has introduced the Nutri-Score of 2017, at the request of the government. The labelling is voluntary.

If a product contains very much of a negative constituent such as sugar, fat, salt or acidified fatty acids, jumps the traffic light on Red. There are three levels: high (red), medium (orange) and low (green). But in contrast to Nutri-Score is a total value is missing. The Basis of portion sizes by the manufacturer are defined. Often the light itself does not turn very sugary products such as Nutella because of small portions in Red. The industry traffic is based on that of the UK food standards Agency 2007. Currently, Coca-Cola uses it alone.

in terms of Colour and framing, this light is not different from the industry-traffic-light. But, if a product contains very much of a part, jumping the traffic light on Red, regardless of the portion size. Thus, three sets of traffic lights on Red for example, a Serving of Nutella.

the Migros no longer comes around to the systems of foreign companies. The orange giant also products of Coca-Cola with the industry-traffic-light. Although Migros leads, although there is currently no Danone products in the assortment, but some of the Vaudoise Migros sell stores, ready meals with the Nutri-Score-light of another French manufacturer.

Swiss Federal office for the Nutri-Score

The consumer protection of the resistance of the Swiss retailers against traffic lights is not good. Josianne Walpen, Director of the food by the consumer protection calls: “Migros and Coop should be set active on a System, so that the Swiss consumers with different markings.” The consumer protection in favour of Nutri-Score, because it will summarize the positive and negative nutritional values of processed foods to understand.

As a proponent of Nutri-Score has also the competent Federal office for food safety and veterinary office (fsvo) is outed. “Nutri-Score is at the Moment the only Label in Switzerland that met our criteria,” says BLV spokeswoman Nathalie Rochat. So easy, the Federal Nutri will not bring the Score but by. If it is in the 23. April to the round table in the traffic light dispute calls, will oppose in addition to Coop and Migros, Nestlé. Food multi want nutritional value of a unified, color-coded model for the whole of Europe.