In Spain is currently due to the Coronavirus, a country-wide curfew. Also on the Sunny island of Mallorca, the roads are empty and the Locals at home – so Danni Büchner (42). In “Goodbye Germany: emigration in times of Corona” shows “Vox”, the Ex-jungle camp-a candidate has to contend with the measures.

“This is like in the movie. You are not allowed to leave his house. So can’t open the Faneteria at all,” complains the TV-emigrant. The Faneteria is a cafe that has built up Danni Büchner, together with her late husband Jens (1969-2018). You can not open this, is their source of income. “It’s about livelihoods, and our future! I have four minor children. The want to get something to eat, have Hobbies,” fears for their future.

Danni Büchner has led to panic buying

For hard times provides Büchner, however, upstream: “So, you will not starve, we will,” she says, and presents their supplies – hamster purchases, as she herself says. “Yes, I’ll admit, I’ve let myself be tempted. My Spanish friends have said: “You need milk. You need milk and water”,” she says. It was her no matter whether others say you are exaggerating. You try to stay as much as possible at home.

she has Hoarded food. Also the toilet paper in large quantities at home: “So, this closet is full and in every bathroom in each of eight roles are available again. That should be enough.”

Danni Büchner’s annoying about Moody Teenagers and two small children,

Quite so harmonious seems to be the family not to live but to. Son Volkan (17) sitting weeping on the Sofa because he can’t take any driving lessons and more. “Ego” (20) fear that you can’t make your new Job in a Hotel, and Jada (15) sucks about your siblings: “I don’t like it, 15 days with my siblings. As much as I love it, but 24 hours a day? No!”

Also, Danni Buchner, seems slowly to their limits to come. “So, two small children, the bounce here with the umbrellas in the house and Moody Teenagers. What is the Coronavirus is, if I’m locked up in here for 15 days?” (bsn)

protection against Coronavirus

recommendations of the Federal office for health, how you can protect yourself:

wash your hands
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use a Hand sanitizer.

Not Sneezing into hands, sneeze
or cough in a handkerchief; or if you have none, in the bend of your elbow.

handkerchiefs correctly
paper handkerchiefs to dispose of, should be disposed of after use in a closed waste bin. the contact minimize
Avoid contact with people who have difficulty breathing or a cough.

to Avoid larger gatherings of people, such as sporting events or public transportation. To remain as home to the “most important thing of All is up to date”, so that more and more people are infected. You should go only in exceptional cases, Outside.

everything is possible, delivery at home.

no welcome kiss, no hugs, no shaking hands. And always a distance of one Meter to keep.

stay Informed
please Observe the local directives and recommendations. Strictly to the rules and announcements of the authorities. “Who is healthy, and informed, remains in 99 percent of cases, healthy.”

info lines Coronavirus
For the population: 058 463 00 00
For travelers: 058 464 44 88
available: 24 hours a Day when should you to the doctor?
don’t Go any more in case of symptoms (difficulty breathing, cough, or fever) in the Public and immediately contact – first by phone, a Doctor, a doctor or a health care facility.

The Situation will continue until Further notice. Those who feel themselves safe and healthy and, therefore, to the front of the storm, risking to prolong the condition. Therefore, peace preserved, and the thing in common to serve. (SDA)

What is the Coronavirus is?

The new Coronavirus keeps the world in breath. But what exactly is the Sars-like Virus anyway? How was it? And how can you protect yourself? VIEW clarifies the main issues and keeps them in the news Ticker to date.