David Dencik, as in denmark, is probably best known for his role as the psychiatrist Anders Assing in DR’s tv series ‘Luck’, tell in an interview how the loss of his mother, and it is to be a father has changed his life:

“It was a big turning point in my life. In addition to the grief and missing went there not so many years before I even had children, and the two things are in a way together for me. When my mother died, I felt a responsibility to my family – my father, brother, and so on – now is the responsibility is more directed towards my own family, ” says David Dencik for Femina and continues:

“I’m very close to my father, and we are still up in the cottage in Sweden every summer, where my father lives. And he also lives a lot in Copenhagen and helps us in everyday life.”

David Denciks mother died of cancer as 67-year-old, and it was also around this time that he met his wife Sofie.

To the Femina tells David Dencik, that if you had met him ten years ago, he had partied to the sun was up.

His work at that time meant everything and there was no space for either wife or children.

But when he met Sophie, changed his outlook on life itself. He began to relax, and found peace in having a home.

David Dencik and his wife Sophie have two children together. It is Elvira in five years and Gabriel is three years.

Both of the children have moved to Los Angeles, where they started in kindergarten.

David Dencik has no film roles on the drawing board. He is, therefore, stay-at-home dad, while the family is in Los Angeles.

David Dencik should right now have been current in the latest James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’.

the Film should have had premiere 2. april, but because of coronaviruses, it has been postponed and a half years.