A Danish company in southern Jutland have been subjected to fraud and has thus lost is 13.7 million dollars.

It writes the South Jutland Police in a press release.

The company in question, which is not mentioned by the name of South Jutland Police, has previously been subjected to hacker attacks, as the company in the first place, got resolved.

since then it has been mad again.

An employee of the company’s accounting records received since the internal mails, which seemed so genuine, that the employee responded to them.

In the emails, there were requests to transfer a total of two million u.s. dollars, equivalent to 13.7 million crowns, to a specific account.

the Employee discovered, however, that there was changed small details in the account information and the sender’s address, which meant that the money was sent to a criminal people.

the Action is also known under the name of CEO-fraud, which typically consists in the fact that criminal hackers pretending to be the boss in a company and ask for transfers from the financial controller of the hotel in the company.

the Fraud was reported to the South Jutland Police, and Christian Hansen, who is vicepolitiinspektør in the circle, said to you just now for various reasons, is extra vigilant on such incidents.

“The criminals are very aware that there is the bustle of many companies prior to påskehelligdagene. And in addition work a lot of employees may at home to avoid spreading the infection with the coronavirus.”

“It may be that the daily security routines can be challenged. But precisely in such periods it is important to have clear guidelines and stick to them,” says Christian Hansen.

South Jutland Police are currently investigating the matter.