Daniela Katzenberger (32) is one of the few German celebrities that have said nothing about the death of Jens Büchner (†49). Now the “Colorful” why said: “I do not mean that evil, but I found it a bit funny that since everyone is jumping on this funeral procession. I found this so funny that everyone makes a Post and this excessive concern, where you know exactly that had to do with nothing.”

“I was Jens not particularly near”

Because, Daniela Katzenberger, which is exactly emigrated as Jens to Mallorca, also says: “I knew the Jens Büchner, actually, only from Seeing. I’m not close to him.” Jens, the “Goodbye Germany” is known, had died in mid-November at the age of only 49 years, surprisingly to lung cancer. The public sympathy was for his family and his widowed wife Daniela Büchner (40) is overwhelming.

Mama Iris is in contact with Daniela Büchner

Iris Klein (51), the mom of the cat Berger, is close to the Buchner family. “I know that my mom yesterday on the phone determined one hour with Daniela Büchner, because the are friends indeed”, explains Daniela. And also the cult-blonde self-‘m sorry, you don’t want to share it with the Public. “I do it for me sorry. I have to make ten Posts,” she explains. (euc)