Turbulent times in the home Katzenberger!

At the Start of the new season of her docu-Soap “Daniela Katzenberger – family happiness in Mallorca” (RTL2) chatted, the cult of the blonde on Monday evening sound and great detail from the beans. Keyword: Baby-Planning.

Ironically, the fourth birthday of his daughter Sophia brought the full blood mom powerful in such a chatty mood. During the Party preparations, Daniela remembered the birth of your Little one. The cat Berger: “I was fat, pregnant, always hungry, and the thickest feet. And then this milk pump, oh God!“

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For no reason at all, the family is planning to tick off. On The Contrary! “I’d like two,” revealed the TV-emigrant. Just stupid, that your double bed is haunted every night by the young home. Hubby Lucas Cordalis (52) moaned: “Our sleeping situation is currently borderline. Sophia still sleeps in her crib in our room and then high crawled.“

Until it works with a second cats-Baby, it will happily continue to train, including the smooching photo: Agency People Image

For Daniela, it is then called: on the Couch! And the cat began to dawn on: “So it is very difficult to get the bee on the flower.”

a Little support can’t hurt. In addition to conventional means, such as a ovulation App the couple wanted to reach even to unconventional methods.

The cat in your docu-Soap, giggling: “it was The sharpest: Once a guy came, made acupuncture for the scrotum. And Luke thus: ‘I am not a Mett hedgehog!'” Why it has been with kid number two not yet worked out, believes Daniela know but in the meantime, to.