Daniela Büchner (41) has caused in Mallorca in an accident with a scooter rider. The widow of cult emigrants Jens Büchner (†49) overlooked the woman according to his own statement on Instagram in the “dead angle”. The injured have suffered, according to Buchner, “light wounds” and a shock. Further, Büchner writes: “I’m going to come in the next few days, a Mega bouquet of Flowers.”

Daniela Büchner left injured on the ground

A small consolation, because according to the “image” does not have Daniela Büchner, which was, together with her daughter ” ego ” on-the-go care to the injured. An eyewitness reported to the newspaper that they took care of instead of Büchner – the scooter driver. The injured was initially motionless on the ground. The ambulance will be called and the victim taken care of. And Mrs Büchner?

“you took care of the bean to the wounded,”

to only have with your daughter stood there: “The two ladies remained at some distance from the Casualty nothing,” says the eye-witness and deeds…. And further: “they took care of the bean to the injured.” More and more people rushed to help the woman. The witness complains that the accident had stood there a source of completely uninvolved. Büchner should just have said: “We have not seen you.”

The injured, the hospital was, where she was examined, according to the “image” to internal injuries, leave. According to Daniela büchner’s Instagram entry, the Victim “under the circumstances” well. (euc)