two become one!

Incredible Finale for “The Biggest Loser” in 2020, candidate, Daniel (31) won with a paper-thin advantage in the Slimming Show. With 203,8 kilograms of of driving school teachers was launched as the second-heaviest contestant in the show, then broke two Removable records and won eventually the title of “The Biggest Loser”.

In his first appearance in the evening, grinned at the completely changed a Finalist: “I’m at the Ironman this year, signed in Frankfurt.” A dream come true for him was true. And Daniel also mentioned: “Perhaps another is being fulfilled today.”

winner, Daniel has removed 51,03 percent photo: SAT.1/Willi Weber

After the final festival weigh-in: Yes, because Daniel took incredible 104 pounds, weighed only 99.8 per Kilo – a weight reduction of 51,03 percent. Daniel had more than halved. Like a Madman, the young man from Jump, rejoiced in lower Saxony.

Rather long and still have leaner faces, with the other finalists. Hope Sascha (28, off weight EUR 160.4 pounds) had to be with a decrease of 80.6 pounds and 50,25%, was only just beaten. Sascha sailed even with Stage Diving by the audiences. “The Biggest Loser”Boss Christine Theiss (40) amused: “Stage Diving. So to be quite honest, a year ago, you had yourself not married and were here all ran away.“ Sascha added, laughing: “Yes, that would have been the flat below me.”

Has declined the 80.6 kilos: Sascha won second place photo: SAT.1/Willi Weber

Abdi (25, off weight 143,7 kg) was thin, of third parties, decreased by 47,18 percent 75.9 pounds. The enthusiastic dancer, beamed: “I’m happy, I love life. I felt caught in me, now life can begin.“