On the 25. September is the moment of truth for Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53). Then the Parliament will decide on his re-election. While friend and enemy in position, there is a higher-level question, increasingly, Agreement that There needs to be a Reform of the Institution of the office of the attorney General (BA). Because it is hardly a coincidence that already Lauber predecessor, Carla Del Ponte (72), Valentin Roschacher (59) and Erwin Beyeler (67) exercised their office unhappy.

in July, the Zurich-based SP-councillor and Professor of law Daniel Jositsch (54) stoked the discussion by outlining the current structures in question. Now the legal Commission of the national Council is busy with his postulate. “It needs in the Parliament, an analysis of the Federal legal profession,” says Jositsch. As a player in this reorganisation, but he does not see the incumbent. “There should be someone to take over, the Change process is.” Lauber had made himself unacceptable: “He has reached a point where he can return.” Basic inconsistencies in the Fifa investigation, “especially Lauber response, without any self-criticism to be”.

BA is a “ungeführtes body”

The Federal Prosecutor in the future, the Federal Council, to make, keeps Jositsch is a good idea: “This System works in the cantons of success.” Currently, the BA is also due to problems of its Supervisory authority, a “ungeführtes body”.

The traditional Ausserrhoden FDP Council of States member and lawyer Andrea Caroni (39), however, warns: “The damage to the Institution of the office of the attorney General seems to me to be according to the current knowledge of the bigger stand, if we deselect Lauber,” he says. The Supreme prosecutors had to go from a non-unique occasion, Caroni, send a Signal to the world: “Every Crook will see that you can overthrow a government lawyer with enough political and media pressure quite easily.”