Michael Lauber (53) since his inauguration for headlines. In the autumn, the Federal government will have to fear the lawyer to his re-election.

The Zurich-based SP-councillor Daniel Jositsch (54) sees the Problem not just the Person Lauber: “One must ask whether it needs the office of the attorney General.”

The authority was created in its present Form, to treat certain international cases. Jositsch but sees “no reason why this is not a cantonal Prosecutor’s office can do”. Conceivable that, when required, cantonal prosecutors close to an agreement together.

problems with the four heads of the Federal Prosecutor’s office

At 11. June, he has filed a corresponding postulate. In it, he calls on the Federal government, “to examine the adjustments in the structure, organization, jurisdiction and Supervision of the office of the attorney General”.

And so criminal law Professor Jositsch justified his radical proposal: “The office of the attorney General is from all parts of the country, language regions and cultures put together. The difficulties in the efficient law enforcement.” Unresolved questions of Competence and problems with the Supervisory authority would be in addition.

More Jositsch to consider: “When there are four heads of the office of the attorney General in succession to problems, this may not only lie to the people.” He says Lauber predecessor, Carla Del Ponte (72), Valentin Roschacher (59) and Erwin Beyeler (67), all of which have an uneven balance sheet.

As a solution to the social Democrat, suggests that the authority is managed instead of a Person from a panel of Federal prosecutors.

Jositschs proposal is dealt with in the autumn session, then, if Lauber’s fate will be voted on.