last week rolled out “Fairy” Anna Melikyan, “On infinity” Roy Andersson and other films. About the paintings that enriched the cinema this week — in the material

Cinema Moschino went back to work after a long break. In cinemas organized smart Seating arrangements for observance of social distance between the audience. When you buy a ticket, the system blocks locations around and sees that the hall was filled to not more than 50 percent. you can Buy tickets on the website and in a special mobile application “Moschino”.

group of friends is going on Friday night to have fun, one of them turns 30. Party turns into the daily race for all the trendy bars and clubs in Berlin’s neukölln district. Heroes will not only dance and have fun (after all, no longer children), but also to talk about the most important: love, life and growing up. These days will be a turning point in the life of each of the characters: guy and girls who no longer live together; another guy who always jokes; girl who is afraid of old age; and another one — although it is, in fact, came to that feast by accident.

Simone by Kostova at the time of the film itself was little more than 30. She is a graduate of the Berlin Academy of film and television came from the Directors of “Berlin school” Director Christian Petzold, Angela of Senelec, Thomas Arslan. If desired, the debut by Kostova (“Thirty” is her first feature film) you can hear the inherent tone: as elders, in relation to his characters, she takes the position of impartial observer.

the Premiere took place in January last year at the film festival in Rotterdam.

a Successful mystery writer Harlan Trombi — the head of a large and very nice family. Writer found dead after celebrating his 85th birthday. At first glance, it’s suicide, but things are not so simple. Remember the classic detective novels in which the motive have each character. A tangle is going to unravel the detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). In ladies, he takes the little nurse late March, which doesn’t seem at all pleased to have the role of Dr. Watson. If she’s not involved in this story?

Ryan Johnson, the Director of “time Loop”, “Brick” and one of the episodes of “Star wars”, took off whether tongue-in-cheek detective story, or a parody of it. Was very witty, funny and unexpected.

Family Ki Tek (song Kang-Ho) at risk of poverty: a man, his wife, son and daughter live in a dirty basement, you catch a neighbor’s Wi-Fi, carry out simple work at home and dream of a better life. Once the heroes are really lucky: son, Ki Tak arranged worksing into a wealthy family pack. Soon, using trickery and even dishonesty, he drags in a huge mansion design all their relatives: mom arranges a cook, dad — driver and sister — English teacher for her young son Packs. At work they have to pretend to be strangers, but when the rich people leave home, they can relax and feel themselves masters. How long will last this idyll?

Pont Zhong Ho has loudly declared itself in 2017: then his film “ACCA”, a Comedy about the struggle of animal rights activists and meat Corporation for the good life of a giant pigs, showed in the main competition of the Cannes film festival. The picture in which the main villain played by Tilda Swinton, was critically acclaimed. But the real triumph came to South Korean Director two years later when his “Parasites” won two major awards of the cinematic season: Oscar for best film “Golden palm”.

America, Wyoming, a few years after the Civil war. Blizzard collects eight notorious villains in a small Inn. In front of us — bounty hunters, criminals, the executioner, the new Sheriff and other actors crazy bloody drama that will unfold before our eyes. There seems to be no person who would not hide his true face and some disgusting secrets.

Western Quentin Tarantino could not see the light in 2014, the script hit the net, and frustrated, the Director interrupted the shooting. But soon cooled down, came up with a new ending and went back to work. And the pirates that came from Tarantino, too, apologized.

the role of villains brilliantly performed by Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and others. The film won the “Oscar” for best soundtrack, created by Ennio Morricone.