In Moscow from-for sharp warming bloomed from two allergenic wood — maple and birch, which produce pollen in large quantities. The peak of their flowering will occur in the first week of may. People suffering from seasonal allergies, environmentalists advised to stay at home these days, to closely monitor their health and follow the doctor’s prescriptions. Detailed information about the level of allergens in the air can be found on the website.

More than 10% of all trees growing in the city, be birches, the third part different types of maples. It grows in the districts of Izmailovo, Sokolniki, Fili Park, in the Park “Kuzminki-Lyublino” and the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”. During the period of active flowering of these trees emit along with his pollen proteins profilin and polylysin. They cause an allergic reaction. As a rule, the duration of the dusting is about 20 days. Allergies it is better to wait out the peak of flowering at home.