NRW has deported 80 Islamists since 2018. It is not always easy for state security to distinguish between boasting and serious danger.

The carpool fabulated openly about terrorist attacks. On that late afternoon of August 28, 2021, according to FOCUS online information, the Cologne police bugged the car in which four well-known Islamists met. The extremists pondered various attack scenarios against the “infidels”.

“Akhi, Akhi (brother)…we…just take all n’kitchen knives” (loud laughter). His interlocutor said enthusiastically: “Everyone throws once, and then we have one…” (unintelligible). Laughter can be heard again. “Whole Muslims from Germany with you.” . Her driver then remarked: “You can also just drive your car into the police station.”

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Overheard threatening scenarios like this often enough experience the state security officers. It is usually not clear how seriously the Islamists mean their words. For the investigators, the problem arises of distinguishing between boasting and serious intentions.

In this case, at least, the wiretapped conversation led to a deportation order being sent to one of the gang of four. If the Hessian authorities have their way, the well-known Islamist Furkan K. should be transported from custody to his Turkish homeland.

For a long time, the state guards kept the 24-year-old extremist in focus. The perpetrator was repeatedly noticed because of his songs of praise for the terrorist militia “Islamic State”. On his Telegram account, the zealot used a synonym similar to that of the killed al-Qaeda boss Osama bin Laden, and contacted numerous jihadists. Furkan K. was repeatedly urged to join the jihad in Syria.

So now he should go. The authorities are helped by the fact that the militant Islamist has a Turkish passport. As a result, a number of obstacles to leaving the country no longer apply. According to the NRW Ministry of the Interior, deportations of Islamist threats often fail due to “missing travel documents from the country of origin”.

It is also extremely difficult to obtain replacement passport papers from the relevant embassies. “Due to this problem, time delays arise in particular, which can lead to the person concerned strengthening their residence status in Germany socially and strengthening their family ties.” and criminal offenses in this area may be imminent.

NRW has taken 80 Islamists out of the country since 2018. “Currently, however, there are obstacles to deportation for a large proportion of the group of people eligible for deportation due to their origin from Syria, Afghanistan and the Russian Federation.” That means: It is important to keep an eye on these people.