soccer is cancelled for Aland Khattab (10). A motorist rammed the boy three weeks ago, head-on, as he ran over a pedestrian strip. The accident happened at 19.30 in Buchrain LU. The sky was darkening already. The visibility was bad. The danger in the early dawn, Alan Khattab hits with full force. The primary pupils sitting since then in a wheelchair or for short distances is on crutches. Two bones in his left leg are broken. The full recovery may take months.

risk increases to up to 58 percent

The accident is tragic and not the only one. In the last three weeks, it came in Switzerland to 18 accidents in the Morning and evening hours. The Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) warns, therefore, that it is a serious risk in the winter months to February. For pedestrian, Bicycle and motorcycle riders the chance to be on the road injured or killed increases to up to 58 percent.

Aland had a blessing in disguise. It could have been even worse. He comes straight from the funfair home, as it happens. At the stop of Church wide road in Buchrain LU, he gets out of the Bus. “I know, I’m sat behind,” he says to VIEW. Then he crossed at the crosswalk behind the Bus on the road. At the same time, a young man (20) departs from buchrain with his Hyundai CZ 1.6 GDI through the residential area. He captured the Aland frontal.

accident the driver has never

reported The car comes only several meters to a halt. Apparently, the driver has to see the child does not come. “I’m flown through the air,” says bland. The ambulance is driving him to the hospital. Looking back, he says: “After the accident, I don’t know much. At the beginning it hurt so bad. Later really bad.”

His father, Ali (31) look again to the accident site, the a few meters next to the place of residence of the family. “I was so afraid for my son,” he says, and stresses: “The road is dangerous. Especially now that it gets dark quickly.” He appealed: “Please be careful, if your travels through this neighborhood.” Especially bad for him: “The Hyundai driver never contacted us. I’m waiting for an apology.”

For the father there is only one solution: the “Tempo 30 with Radar. I don’t understand is that here a speed of 50 kph applies.” There are so many children would live in the district. Also, Urs Wigger, spokesman for the Lucerne police, white from the current risk: “There is no more Winter accidents, but the causes of the shift.” That is, just for pedestrians, it is more dangerous than usual. “Cloudy, rainy weather and the early dawn are on the Road is always particularly sensitive,” said Wigger.

and be seen

will See right now we need to get used to the new visibility. Urs Wigger, spokesman for the Lucerne police, advises pedestrians and Cyclists to bright clothes with materials that reflect light. For children the police is light to the West. And for motorists, the following applies: operating mode of the view to adjust. Bernhard Graser of the police of the Canton of Aargau, however, warns not to take only motorists in the obligation: “According to our findings, the flat-rate impression of a reckless car driver is often. Such situations may exist, but the pedestrian is located, in terms of accident prevention, in principle, be in a better Position. So he can watch from the safety of the roadside, whether it is the car drivers to see.” Unfortunately, the reality see, not infrequently, different: Dark distracted pedestrians would suddenly appear on the roadway dressed, away from the phone. No matter, whether motorist, cyclist or pedestrian: Full concentration on the road was at this time of year is even more important than usual.