at The roundabout, threatens cyclists in danger! “Are there per year in Switzerland, around 52 of the seriously injured cyclists in roundabouts – so on average one per week,” says Marc Kipfer of the Advisory office for accident prevention (BFU). “Add to that every year, around 200 slightly injured cyclists at roundabouts.”

SVP-man calls for ban on Overtaking

These Figures on the horrors of the policy. SVP national councillor Bruno Walliser (53, ZH) want to ban the risk of an accident now: He calls for a Motion, a bike Overtaking on the roundabout.

Although may ride cyclists at roundabouts today in the middle of the Road to prevent Overtaking. However, many Gümmeler not make use of it and to be overtaken, therefore, by cars, motorbikes or trucks. “This often leads to dangerous situations”, complained the Valais. “Many accidents at roundabouts are caused when Overtaking.”

The Numbers prove him right. Thus, the share of Velounfälle in the circle of traffic is particularly high. On average, a cyclist is involved in almost every third accident, recently confirmed by the Federal Council. And according to the aaib were at Velo-gyro accidents with serious injuries in 90 percent of cases, the cyclist is completely innocent.

“the roundabout for cyclists is not favorable, because they are often overlooked,” says Kipfer. “For us, a bike Overtaking at roundabouts as additional measures quite worth considering.” With pilot projects, the Benefits and the feasibility of such a new regulation could be tested one day, he proposes.

non-partisan Velo-group

of Valais, however, Overtaking on Tutti goes with his bike. “The rule would be clear and easy to understand,” he explains. “In addition, they would act just where Cyclists are particularly at risk.”

The SVP-man knows in his initiative a cross-party Cycling group behind. Valais itself is an avid cyclist and Board of Directors, was formerly a member of Swiss Cycling. Among the signatories of the SP national councillor Matthias Aebischer (51, Be) in addition, as President of Pro Velo Switzerland, the former professional cyclist and current FDP-Nationalrat Rocco Cattaneo (60, TI) as the President of the European Cycling Federation, or the Green of the national Council and VCS Board member Michael Swiss (52, LU).

the Federal Council: the overtaking prohibition does nothing

the Swiss had already asked in a previous proposal to the Federal Council, which he intended against the risk of accident in the roundabout to the company. While the state government considered the Situation as “unsatisfactory”. But he wanted to know that neither a speed limit in the gyro of a no-Overtaking something.

“The risk of an accident may, in particular, by the Geometry of the construction of roundabouts, and the proper behaviour of the traffic participants reduced”, so the former answer. “Cycling can prevent, with a corresponding line choice, that they are overtaken by other vehicles, and vulnerable.” So, you should drive in the middle of the way. A General overtaking the traffic would increase safety prohibition hardly more significantly, the government.

An estimate of the Velo-group does not share in and around the Valais. With its Motion, the SVP-man now makes pressure and may calculate, given the support from all the groups have opened up opportunities for his proposal.