Dana Borisova two years living without sex

Dana Borisova and Olesya Malibu, the former participant “Houses-2”, conducted in instagram stories live. In the process of talking Given almost bared chest directly at the camera.

According to the presenter, she did it to entertain people, sad in isolation due to a pandemic coronavirus.

“People are bored, all Reds! …showed no nipples chest piece! Well, my God, I had to explain — on the beach, so I go. And what’s up with that?!”, – quoted by Borisova “News.ru”.

In addition, poring over the details of his personal life, the ex-host of “Army shop” has made a shocking confession.

According to her, she is already two years living without sex.

“Well, I don’t have it! What is there to comment?!” she said.

The attacks of haters, according to her, Dana’s not afraid – she does not care who and what it says about and the most Intrusive she just blocks.


As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Borisov said that he was sick with bronchitis, comply with the mode of isolation imposed because of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, and established a relationship with her mother, helps her with money, as well as father and sister, and can not reach an understanding with the daughter Polina.