In less than two weeks it’s time: 124’000 members of the branch in neuchâtel, and Fribourg are asked to vote for or against management. You decide the fate of Damien Piller (61), President of the regional cooperative, and three other persons.

The ballot is preceded by a months-long dispute. The crime mutates becoming a mud battle. The latest Chapter revolves around a two-page article in the Migros magazine this week. Damien Piller sees this as a defamation. He has the further dissemination of the text of court ban and criminal complaint against the authors of submitted.

A spokesman for the Migros-genossenschafts-Bund (MGB) confirmed the facts of the case at the request of a VIEW. “Mr. Piller has obtained through his lawyers to the court in Freiburg is a super temporary ban to prohibit the MGB, the published opinions in connection with the vote,” says Migros spokesman Tristan Cerf. “At the same time the decision is issued without hearing from the FMC to the FMC to publish the reply from Damien Piller in the next two editions.”

presumption of innocence infringed

Piller two passages on poking mad. The a comes from the pen of the MGB, the other is authored by the co-operation Council, the Federation of Migros neuchâtel-Fribourg. The 39-member Council takes over the management of the interests of the local cooperative members, and consumers in the relevant economic area. He recommends the removal of Piller and his three comrades-in-arms.

The co-operation Council, writes in the Migros magazine of Transfers in the amount of 1.7 million Swiss francs “to the company of Damien Piller without getting something in return.” The MGB writes: “To date, Damien Piller can’t declare two payments over 1.7 million Swiss francs by him controlled companies, and the alleged benefits have been disproved. This three expert opinions to confirm.”

“These passages violate severely the presumption of innocence, to which my client has a claim,” says Piller lawyer Philippe Leuba (53). The statements would have the honor of Piller damage. Both of the co-operation Council, as well as the MGB would give the impression that Piller had already been to court and was sentenced.

Piller denies accusations

“Totally unacceptable” was that, Leuba. He refers, among other things, on an opinion from the beginning of October, this relieves the controversial regional princes Piller (VIEW reported). It States: “The opinion provided no evidence of undue enrichment at the expense of Migros.”

Leuba adds: To date, no civil or criminal judicial authority have found that the question has been advanced millions of euros to a company owned by Damien Piller, with no equivalent consideration was granted. Piller way, all of the allegations clear of. “Mr. Piller has not yet been questioned once by the police,” says Leuba.

And how goes it now? The situation is completely open. The last word the cooperative members have. Up to the 16. November, you can vote by mail. The cost of postage Migros takes over.

The scandal of Migros regional Prince Piller

In the years 2014 and 2015 made by the Migros cooperative neuchâtel-Fribourg two payments of 864 000 francs to companies the Piller module. These were implemented in Belfaux, FR and La Roche FR properties, in each of which a Migros supermarket is rented. The allegation of the Migros Headquarters: criminal mismanagement. Therefore, the Central at the beginning of July has filed a criminal complaint. Piller has responded with counterclaims, including for defamation. He has for over two decades, President of the regional Migros cooperative and is regarded as the foster-father of Migros-chief Fabrice Zumbrunnen.