Dalla Russia con amore: all 9 Russian aircraft landed in Italy

Italy thanks Russia for help in fighting the coronavirus. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio. Earlier in Italy flew all 9 Russian military aircraft on Board virologists, and medical equipment. Italy in Europe leads in the number of people infected with coronavirus. All in all, the world is now about 300 thousand patients. In China, per day identified 39 patients. All cases of infection was the import. More countries are taking emergency measures to combat spread of infection. The last land border closed Brazil.

Dalla Russia con amore – or “from Russia with love”. A small sticker on the door of a military truck carries a lot more meaning than it seems at first glance. Inside the machine – medical materials arrived at the Italian base near Rome, together with the Russian military experts and virologists. First and foremost, they are sent to regions with the most severe situation – Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna.

“aboard these aircraft have masks and a number of medical materials which are fundamental to the actions of our doctors and nurses. I thank the Russian Federation, of President Putin and the government for all the support they have given. Italy is not alone, there are many countries who help us. Thanks to this help the healthcare system of Italy can continue the fight against the coronavirus, without these materials it would be impossible”, — said the head of the Italian foreign Ministry.

In difficult times for Italy, Russia is not in the side left. Just to go prepared nine military transport planes to help the Italians sent some 100 military virologists and experts in the field of epidemiology. In Europe, Italy continues to lead in number of cases of coronavirus – more than 53 thousand people.

Next comes Spain, which extended quarantine until at least April 11. Most of the cases were recorded in Madrid. DLa the treatment of cases in the capital built a temporary field hospital on 5,5 thousand places, and nine of the hotels being converted into centres for the reception of patients. Another hotel will be the services of nurses, where it was to relax after work. Have to work overtime. Gratitude – in the form of applause. So far, only from colleagues and police officers who enforce the curfew.

However, to fall into suspended animation Spain is not going companies in the country resume. So this huge aircraft Airbus decided Monday to start a partial restoration of production and Assembly, but only if employees need to keep your distance and hygiene.

Meet the business decided to go in the US, but only to those private companies that are engaged in the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus. As reported by Donald trump, the authorities are ready to provide them with access to supercomputers to advance research.

However, businesses and without the support of those in power actively join the fight against the epidemic. So, Elon Musk announced that his production will assemble the devices for artificial ventilation of lungs, which are so necessary for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

“We expect to get more than 1200 for distribution this week. Their delivery, installation and maintaining is the hard part,” writes Musk in his Twitter.

the Complexity now associated with testing. As noted in the administration of the President of the United States, it is necessary to accelerate the process. I hope that by the end of March will be able to reduce the time from the moment a sample is taken to obtain the result to 45 minutes. And create materials for self-sampling of material at home. The procedure is unpleasant.

“Stick for taking a smear stick deep enough into the nose that causes a fair amount of discomfort. It seemed to me as if pinched on the inside. This is probably a good opportunity to say again to any American if you have no symptoms, you don’t need to test” — said Vice-President Mike Pence.

But if testing is more you can do, then no security measures against coronavirus – no. Authorities continue by all means to inform the population of the Earth two simple rules – to remain at home opportunities and process hands. Information carry the weight, including, with stars of showbiz and sport.

With the hashtag #stayhome stay at home – almost 2 million publications in Instagram, no less – in other social networks. In the United Arab Emirates this hashtag was even adopted in the framework of the information campaign on combating coronavirus. Earlier the country has already closed public places such as parks and beaches, and urged residents to refuse to visit restaurants and shopping centers.