first The good news: There is a light at the end of the Corona tunnel. The light comes from China, where the infection wave months raged earlier than us and, in the meantime, if we are to believe the official figures of the Chinese leadership, has considerably subsided. In contrast to Europe, where almost all of the bands stand still and the largest Virus-shock, perhaps even imminent. The first factories in China to take up the work again, also some car manufacturers. Including Geely, the owner of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo and major Daimler shareholder. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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Geely is Virus-crisis

have reported to overcome As at first, the trade magazine “Automobilwoche”, is to be overcome, the Virus crisis in the case of Geely now. “The Geely group, with 120,000 employees, has according to own statements since 1. March all the works again in operation. The headquarters in Hangzhou Southeast of Shanghai, with around 6000 employees since the 25. February largely to normal operation returned”, according to the “Automobilwoche”. Geely far the most important rule is to keep infection protection in company

The price of the employees but have to pay for, is high. On its website, the manufacturer, what measures are necessary to bring the production back up and Running and show an almost spooky Surveillance scenario. Something Similar could also be expected for other countries. Because one thing is clear: If the economy is not to collapse completely, will have to countries, such as Germany, wars in spite of a Virus epidemic as quickly as possible to return the tapes to the Run. BAIC for Daimler – looks like the next Mercedes G-class? FOCUS Online BAIC for Daimler – looks like the next Mercedes G-class?

Blatant Hygiene and control measures

it is Necessary to program in a 12 point, among other things, the following activities, describes Geely on its website:

  • Before Entering the factory, every employee has to go through – but you have to wear a Mouth guard that is changed every eight hours – a temperature-Screening. Anyone who has an elevated temperature, will immediately be isolated, and medical care.
  • Who comes with the own car to work, driving with the tires on special cleaning mats and during working hours, a Team disinfected the door handles of the vehicles.
  • In the whole building and even in the car, in chairs, disinfectant dispensers are available; that alone is guaranteed in the German company nearly anywhere nationwide.
  • Only a certain number of employees may simultaneously use a lift. The floor markings to separate the state space of each of the other.

Geely at a distance in the Elevator markings are in

help queue is

But the measures go further regulated. According to Geely, all employees must hold at least a Meter of distance from the other, if he does, for example, at the copier. Additional measures, such as regular temperature Checks during the day, and the replacement of Meetings by phone conferences. This is, after all, in the meantime also in Germany, a quasi-Corona-Standard in every modern company.

China leads to “Social Scoring” a

In the Chinese society, which is already set to be very collectivist and disciplined, it falls to the enforcement of strict measures, by nature, more easily than in societies in which man can live out his individuality free. This is likely to have contributed to the infection numbers in China to reduce after a period of Chaos so drastically. At least according to official information provided by the car manufacturer there was in the company since the restart of the production has no further Corona case. Whether this data really is, can be difficult to verify.

China monitors its citizens, in return for safety and order are high, and the state guaranteed a steady Good. A – however, among the Chinese, not the undisputed – “Social Scoring”System ( read more here) a rating with camera surveillance and a variety of control routines, the behavior of the people. Anyone who behaves in a socially desirable, gets bonus points; who will not, must reckon with disadvantages. “Where minor misconduct is punished below the criminal liability, in the Chinese logic, all reason, to behave to be trustworthy,” said the “China brief”columnist Björn Ognibeni.

scenario for Germany?

The Corona-crisis is expected to rise in China, the approval of such measures. In democratic countries that previously seemed impossible. And yet, it could also threaten in this country, at least as long as the spread of the Virus affected the world of work massively. Because every day, the production in factories is at a standstill, the economic damage is greater. Car market China: Figures, facts, backgrounds

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