It was clear that the Daimler car its small Smart brand can’t keep up without the help of others on Survival. Therefore, a cooperation partner Renault, standing in for the technical support for the current Smart models.

China instead of France

But the next Smart model will be the last time the French Renault-Twingo-copy more. Instead, with the Chinese group Geely, which now owns almost ten percent of the Stuttgart-based group, founded at the end of the year, equal Parts a Smart Joint Venture. The headquarters of the German-Chinese brand will have to be produced new in China, where the cars are developed, and exported all over the world. Mercedes only the Design and the brands will come DNA.

sales launch starting in 2022

The new Smart Generation, of course, a purely electric two-seater will start from 2022. Is already determined, that it should not remain in a two-seater micro-car. Are planned a number of electric vehicles up to the Golf Segment. And for the first time, probably already since a long time Smart thought-SUV is expected to become a reality. We are excited to see.

for the current model?

it is Still unclear whether Daimler will lead the current Smart production facility in Hambach (Smart Fortwo) and Novo Mesto (Slovenia, Smart Forfour) until the introduction of the new Chinese Smart Generation in three years. For this summer, a model of care would be even planned. After all, the workers in the Alsatian Smart plant in Hambach don’t need to worry. From next year there will be, among other things, the electric Mercedes EQ, A built.

Smart was last asked, in spite of Hayek-Bonus in Switzerland on a large. With the new, together, developed with Renault, the Fortwo and the Forfour were the Smart-sale figures in 2015, again, a strong push, but after that it decreased continuously in the two-digit percentage range.

Smart sales figures in Switzerland

2018: 2025 (-13,0 %)

2017: 2327 (-16,0 %)

2016: 2770 (-18,7 %)

2015: 3409 (+102,8 %)

2014: 1681 (-1,6 %)

there is No place for Smart-Boss

Less positive about, however, for Katrin Adt, recently the successor of the long-time Boss, Annette Winkler, the Smart-tip took. She had worked in the past few months in the preparations for the Joint Ventures. In the newly constituted Supervisory Board, composed of three executives from Daimler and Geely, is missing your Name.