From the father of her child knew a mother from Basel after a One-Night Stand, only that he is a musician. Its name or address she did not know. For this, they remembered what Instrument he plays. And she knew the music direction.

This is not an isolated case: as of 31.12. In 2018, there was in Switzerland a minimum of 1182 children whose fathers were not of the authorities – and sometimes the mothers themselves known. This shows the latest statistics of the conference for child and adult protection.

the day before Yesterday, the conference for child and adult protection, presented the latest Figures. Show: At the balance sheet date, the 31. December 2018 at the latest, there was in Switzerland a minimum of 1182 children whose fathers were not known to the authorities. The real Figures are likely to be higher. Some of the cantons are taken into account in the statistics – for example, the Canton of Aargau. And also cases, their education are doomed to Failure from the beginning, it will not appear in the statistics, often in the first place.

most missing fathers there were on the reporting date, by the way, in the Canton of Zurich: Here 290 assistance were constructed communities to establish paternities. It Bern, Basel and Geneva set to follow. Outside of the big cities of the Canton of Valais is particularly striking: Here 52 cases were registered.

In such cases, a specialist come inside and Noémi Baltermia (31) into the game. The lawyer works as a professional Deputy in the Basel office for Deputyships and adult protection. Be a part of their job profile includes the determination of Paternity. Or to put it crudely: Baltermia is and has been for almost four years, “Daddy detective”. With your colleague you take care of the approximately 170 cases are currently in Basel pendent. Interviews she has given so far, yet none – too delicate, their area of responsibility.

In extreme cases, the police are knocking at the presumed dad

most of The cases were relatively unspectacular, says the lawyer at the Meeting with a VIEW. For example, if a refugee from Syria or Eritrea, the necessary documents are missing to be a Newborn to recognize the civil status office. Then she resorts to a Trick: “I have a suit in the name of the child, the paternity to the court, even though the is not disputed. Because going to court without these documents, the paternity can be established.”

So simple but it is not always the case. Sometimes the father is known, but it has to be absolutely no desire to be a father. Because mom and dad fell apart in the dispute. Or the father wanted no child at all.

For Baltermia this means that you must go into the trenches, possibly for years, escalated Relationship conflict. “I am going to write the father a letter that he was given by the child’s mother as the father. If there’s no response, I try it by phone.” If is all for nothing, all that remains is the threat: If you do not agree to the paternity, it is enforced. The court may then allow the alleged dad and even the police to pick up.

search for: Thomas from Olten, the father keeps out of my child

From the relationship problems between father and mother as well as possible: “I represent only the rights of the child. Everything else comes for me, then,” she says.

“Then,” the will of the mother. It also happens that the mother refuses to disclose the name of the father. If the mother wants to prevent the contact and non – financial support is dependent.

The lawyer then tries it with perseverance: “I declare that the child has a right to the father and at some point will ask questions. And that one day, inspection of the files and so could demand that the mother has made impossible the contact with the father on purpose.”

Often a change in thinking comes after a few months. If not, the file is closed at some point anyway. So also in cases which are from the beginning, is hopeless: for example, in the case of an anonymous sperm donation abroad.

help is Particularly difficult for the children to their rights, is it not, if the fathers are known. A case that occurs in Basel, on average, about once per month. “Most often it comes to holiday acquaintances or acquaintances from the output. We know sometimes only a first name of the fathers,” says the Deputy. “If I know only that the father is called Thomas and Olten comes, I try to the inhabitants someone to the office of the to find. But this is difficult.”

The father, thanks to a concert-advertisement

found Then it is also dependent on the cooperation of the mothers: “I give you, for example, the tip to go on the same day of the week be the same Locally and to keep an eye out.”

The above-mentioned case, where only known, that the alleged father of a child, the musician, the Basler Daddy-detectives successfully. The man has announced a concert on the Internet and could be traced. Not pleased he is then but about the message that he might have a child. The case ended up in court.

In another case, that has not happened in Basel, knew the mother only the name of a hotel on the Balearic island of Mallorca. She knew that the father is a Frenchman. And that he paid that night with a credit card. Because the Hotel with the Swiss authority cooperated voluntarily and on the evening in question, only a Frenchman with a credit card was passed – could be found the man in the end.

The Internet is a useful Instrument in search of fathers. Just recently, a suspected dad was found, because his employer congratulated him on the Homepage to passing the apprenticeship. “Through the employer contact is for me but a taboo,” adds Baltermia. In the specific case showed why: A DNA Test of the young man revealed that he is the father.

Long way to the Happy End

Usually, the common way of Deputy and the mother ends after the Find of the father. Sometimes Baltermia is experiencing but also as something of a Happy ending. “Recently, a mother, joy, told me bright, you have now a great contact with the father, you have even spent the holidays.” And: “We also had cases where there were more children.”

But her Job there is, finally, Yes, to play Cupid, she says dryly: “For me it is a Happy ending, if the father is listed. If he paid for his child. But, above all, that the child and the father can establish a relationship with each other.”

Luca Maranta (37) is a lecturer and project leader at the University of Lucerne and advocate for child and adult protection in Basel. He explains the legal bases for the Daddy-detectives: “Is married, the mother is automatically the husband as the legal dad – even if he may not be the biological father,” he says. If the mother is unmarried, you must establish legal paternity.

“Usually happens this by the father acknowledges the child is self-employed at the civil status. About four to six months after birth, but no father in the register of civil status, registered, the child and adult protection authority (Kesb),” says the expert. As a rule, assistance to persons such as Noémi Baltermia to safeguard the interests of the child entrusted to them. It would be according to the Federal court for two main reasons, Maranta: “Every child in Switzerland, the right to know the biological parentage.”

The second important reason why such clarifications are made: the money. “Here it comes, that only the legal father may be obliged to pay maintenance,” says Maranta. Money that would otherwise have to raise, perhaps, the taxpayers. Add to that: “Even for the mandatory part of a possible heritage of a child is only entitled, if the paternity is registered. The dramatic consequences of the end of law.” A father up to a year after the imposition of a maintenance can be made to suit retroactively liable for payment.

If the mother and alleged father are about the recognition of paternity does not agree, landing the case before the court. “This, however, leads to additional costs can be passed on to the underlying parent or to both parents.” And: Depending on the Kesb could also provide the costs for the activities of the Deputy in the invoice.

Sahli Michael