according to the Chairman of the Moscow region Duma Committee on health, labour and social policy Andrey Golubev, the exact number of single fathers will not be able to call in any region. Simply no one believes. The woman gets the status of a single mother and all attached benefits immediately upon registration of the baby.

Men usually become solitary later. And they do make the status much more difficult, because even a proven fact a long absence of the mother at the place of residence of the children does not entitle you to any benefits. You need to have on hand the death certificate of his wife, a court decision on deprivation of its parental rights or legal incapacity. In this case, the dad can apply for certain benefits, for example, part-time or on a primary device of a kid in kindergarten. But “lonely” benefits men still will not pay. And in the suburbs, these benefits are not the lowest – for children up to six years relying 4.5 thousand rubles a month, half a year to three years – 6,5 thousand, from three to seven years of 2.2 thousand and at seven years of – 1.1 thousand rubles.

“what men are deprived of these benefits, we found, after monitoring legislation aimed at supporting families with children. We believe that the question of the distribution of benefits and single fathers need to be considered in the near future, it will be a good support paternity – said Golubev. And in addition, it will allow you to gather statistics on the number of single dad”. According to the MP, the initiative has good prospects – the area from year to year only extends the list of beneficiaries, introducing new support measures. And the authorities are trying to ensure that budget support worked. For example, this year, pregnant and lactating women can put their power to receive monthly compensation, including on children up to three years. This rule was introduced after deputies conducted monitoring showed that not all mothers and babies like the food issued. Not to translate it in vain, the results power replaced with payments of 400 per month for pregnant women, 1 thousand for nursing moms and children under one year, and 600 rubles – for kids up to three years.

the Issue of assignment of benefits to fathers alone will be considered after the summer vacation of the deputies.