in Addition, there have been at least 20 injured, as well as Flooding and severe damage to houses, say it in a message to the UN Agency Ocha, in the short message service Twitter.

In Mozambique, the helper to be feared in the coming days, heavy rains, Floods and landslides. The effects could be disastrous, warned the emergency assistance office. The cyclone hit, therefore, in the North of Mozambique in the Cabo Delgado province in the country. At least 30’000 people living in particularly vulnerable areas had been brought to safety. Flights were cancelled, schools were closed.

Until the middle of March, the cyclone “Idai had taken” the center of Mozambique, and a trail of destruction left behind. Hundreds of thousands of people were temporarily homeless, Floods destroyed the farmlands of about half a Million farmers. Around 600 people were killed. Also the neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi were also affected. (SDA)