in 2018, has written to the Tour with a Budget of 7 million loss. But why is the rich tradition of the country to travel around, with problems and struggles? The Swiss love the Tour de Suisse, but the big domestic companies are not prepared to invest in the sport of Cycling. The organizers complain about the lack of a Lobby of Cycling.

Now wants to bring a new sponsor to the Cycling Unlimited AG is the Tour de Suisse to its former glory. She takes over from 2020das Management and marketing of the national tour of infront Ringier.

The Problem of the Tour de Suisse, however, remains. As before, the national tour of missing a face – a door-opener. A how Fabian Cancellara (38), the largest Swiss cyclists of the last few years.

“My heart said Yes immediately,” says Cancellara, raised on a commitment to the Tour. “But the mind says, at the present time, just 2 ½ years after the end of my career, no. I was away from home and now wants to give the first of my family time. And so, the give back what you have given me for the last 17 years”.

Cancellara will still be in two week of the Tour de Suisse before the place. “Because of my total victory, 10 years ago, I know how big the emotions of one’s own country tour. And of course hope for new Swiss achievements this year,” says Berner.

Even without Cancellara as the flagship of the organizers remain optimistic. “We want to make the most innovative races in the world,” promises Markus Pfisterer. Swiss-Cycling-managing Director is Chairman of the Board of the new Tour. “We have the courage to try new formats.”

not want much, he betrayed. But for all the new ideas it takes money. And the key question remains: Who is investing in the Tour de Suisse? (hph/red)