In ski jumping, wanted to fold but the breakthrough never really, for Primoz Roglic now in the world of Cycling to new heights. Within a very short time the Slovenian Cycling-Nobody developed into a Grand Tour winner. An extraordinary story, considering that Roglic up to the age of 23. Age not really much with the Cycling at the hat had.

“We did not know that he can travel time,”

“these are not normal steps, these are huge steps,” says Stef Clement, Roglics former team-mate at Jumbo Visma, compared to a Dutch radio station. Clement: “If this Boy would travel with Emirates or Astana, we would have here in the Netherlands, other thoughts.” Say: Roglic going to be labelled as a Doper. The Sporty Leister Jumbo Visma Frans Maassen is aware that Roglic has not an ordinary development. “Such a driver, there are only every 20 to 30 years,” says Maassen.

Maassen was also Roglic repeated in 2016 in the Dutch Team and he should not regret it. In his first year as a Pro, the former ski jumper surprised at the Giro d’italia. In the prologue, he finished fourth, only just behind the winner Tom Dumoulin. “We did not even know that he can travel time. Also, he didn’t know. No one knew that. And yet, he has beaten almost the great Tom Dumoulin,” says Maassen. Just a couple of days later, he was to ride in the individual time on the 9. Not to beat a stage.

In sight of the doping investigators

That Roglic against doping allegations must fight back, not only with its exceptional benefits, but also with his connection to Milan ores, the Team Manager of Bahrain Merida. Ores is considered to be the discoverer of Roglic. He took the exceptional talent 2013 in his Team Adria Mobil, and trained him to be a professional cyclist.

In the framework of the Operation “wire Mark S. let” all around the German doctors came ores, however, the focus of the doping investigators. So he should have consulted with the alleged doping doctor through a middle-man for a blood centrifuge. Former German cyclist Danilo Hondo has pointed out in his confession also said that Mark S. contacted him from one of the Slovenian or Croatian mobile phone number. Roglic has left for such speculation is not much: “I can look in the mirror, as the new generation of Riders.”

Second Slovenian Achiever

belongs To this new generation of Drivers is also the only 20-year-old Tadej Pogacar. He, too, is how Roglic and managers ores Slovenian. And also he has a meteoric rise behind. In his first year as a Pro, he decided, among other things, the California tour and celebrated at the Vuelta a Espana, his first Grand Tour, three stage wins and victory in the Junior standings.

It seems unusual that two Slovenians are dominating the Cycling scene in such a way. For this reason, the UCI has already for some time, the Slovenian Cycling scene more closely. So far were, however, neither Roglic still Pogacar suspicious. (jk)