As soon Mathias Frank brings nothing from the rest. Not tens of thousands of spectators, the Belgian capital of Brussels, in a great house kin. The Background: The 109. Tour de France honors the Greatest of all time, Eddy Merckx (74), with the Start in the home. “It’s really cool here. You realize immediately how much the people have to the sport of Cycling,” said Frank. But: The Lucerne remains calm. This does not mean that he is in his 7. Participation in the Grande Boucle will not get everything out of his body. The AG2R professional is to help his Leader, the Frenchman Romain Bardet (28), to jump onto the overall podium.

in order To make, it takes a lot of. Also of Frank. He is required to. At the same time he needs to feel comfortable – anywhere. Be the first realm: The Velo. “It is the extension of my body. I love it when I’m not out of shape, the Material fits. Then I’m the Pilot, feel the road under me.” Frank, in his own sporting bubble. Later, after the stage, are in the second Empire. “We do have a small load with four Eisbädern. Since I get the same after the destination arrival in. There are meetings, but often we’re talking just stupid. Gorgeous.” Massage and food to follow. After this is announced soon on bed rest. Marriage, it is so far, sinking Frank into another world – a fictional world. “I read detective stories. DaNoamns is my Ritual before going to Sleep.” The next Morning, there is the next fixed point. Frank speaks via Skype with his family. Especially son Noah (3) loves it when daddy leads a virtual trip through the team bus. “The bus driver is almost more important than the Papi,” said Frank, laughing. And here we are already in Frank’s fifth Empire: Be at home in Nottwil LU. Still, it takes a good three weeks until he is back. He is already looking forward to it. “I am 180 days in a year. The more beautiful it is to be home.” Then he grabs his wife Nicole under the arms. The children are excited about most – in addition to Noah Frank then takes care also to Laura (5) and Small months (20 months).

In an interview with Frank immediately becomes clear: He is at peace with his life. “Previously, I lived for Cycling. I had to only keep one Ball in the air. But he was hard. Today, I have several balls and it’s not so bad when one falls down.”