CVP-President Gerhard Pfister talks the situation is not nice. “The results are not so that you could say, I would have brought the party back on track,” said Zug of the national Council in the “Saturday review” of Radio SRF.

His party, by means of a “quite difficult time to live”. Although the CVP was not able to be lost in all the cantons and their seats in part, but the Turnaround is not yet managed.

Pfister is not yet confident

“We had the success that the party actually needs.” His own performance of the CVP-President rated with four points on a ten-point scale.

Nevertheless, Pfister showed in the view of the parliamentary elections confident. Between the autumn and January, the CVP stabilize: “The optimism is based on the cantonal elections we have had lately.” In Lucerne, his party remains the strongest party in Basel-land and Zurich, there had been no loss of seats.

appeal to the patience

Pfister appealed simultaneously to the patience of his party members: “those Who think that success would come overnight, and underestimated the work it takes,” he said in an Interview. The FDP, for example, have succeeded in reversing the trend over the years.

In the past few months, the price of the CVP had become clear. “We stand for the ability to reach a Consensus, federalism, and cohesion in Switzerland,” said Pfister. The polarisation didn’t bring the country forward.

“Initiative, once again

to discuss” The CVP-President said finally, once again, to the current judgment of the Federal court, which had declared on Wednesday that the vote on the CVP Initiative, for the marriage penalty is invalid.

to discuss this “right and historic decision”, the Parliament has the right to the Initiative. A direct vote would be for Pfister to be a Problem: “The Parliament must have the opportunity to reconsider the right Numbers for the recommendation.”

the focus of concern was the elimination of the marriage penalty tax and AHV. But the point of the marriage penalty with the Ehedefinition between a man and a woman have majority of potential – even if the opinions within the CVP, the question of whether same-sex couples expected to marry and adopt children. (SDA)