The national Council recessed the CO2-law the end of the year completely. Among other things, it failed on the Apple of discord air ticket levy. The FDP and the SVP have deleted the output from the template, the CVP was split. Consequence: The Left was the law at the end of such a watered down, that the national Council recessed.

Still climate-licking politicians, such as CSP-Nationalrat Karl Vogler (62, OW) this is why the sores. And so he wants to pull, the CVP-Flag-swinging the cart with the help of a driving force and CVP councillor Beat Vonlanthen (61, FR) in the second start-up out of the Dirt.

The Stöckli is to it! And although over the wallet of the plane passengers. In the Council of States, the CVP wants to bring the CO2 airline ticket taxes again on the floor.

CVP-Vonlanthen: “fly is cheap”

Vonlanthen, former President of the cantonal energy Directors ‘ conference (EnDK), it has concrete plans. So Economy should cost flights of up to 2000 kilometres for 20 francs, and those between 2000 and 4000 kilometers 40 Swiss francs, and all about 70 francs more. “Flying is too cheap. A flight from Bern to Geneva will cost less than a train ticket. This is not,” said Vonlanthen.

Noteworthy: The Energy policy also requires a higher CO2-tax for the Rich. So Business should fork out-guests each, twice as much. And First-Class Tickets to even be three times as high CO2 tax increases the price. “That’s absolutely reasonable,” says the former Fribourg state councillor. “If we want to achieve our goal of no more than 1.5 degrees of global warming really is, we now need effective measures.”

The CVP wants, expects 900 million for the climate

Vonlanthen, with around 900 million Swiss francs of revenue per year. “And this money we should invest fully in projects that protect the climate,” he says. Specifically, he wants to support in addition to measures for the prevention and management of climate-related damage also “future-oriented pilot projects”, to be able to existing CO2 from the atmosphere to filter out.

“The ETH and young companies can play a leading role! If we Finance this approach with the C02-levy, we are able to save so the bottom line is actually the climate.” He does not believe that because of the 70 Swiss francs, someone fly to Hawaii. “But the awareness of the climate issue is not to be underestimated.”

Sure is: at the Earliest in the autumn session, the CO2-law comes into the Stöckli. The fight against climate change could influence up to the elections. In addition to the pension and the health insurance premiums, the climate is preparing the Swiss the most.

CVP hopes for a hot summer with little migration pressure

And so, the CVP focuses on climate issues. The centre party feels by the sudden green face of the FDP in the corner. “Ironically, the FDP is now because of a few green, declarations of intent presented as a climate-friendly way”, enerviert a CVP-energy politicians. We hope now for a hot summer with little pressure for Migration. “Then it will be in the autumn, a climate of choice. And given that we have to offer concrete solutions.”