As part of the British Royal family has its tasks – important people receive, in the camera, sometimes the politicians in the country wave of rügen. No-one seems to have a nice Job as Prince Charles (70). The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, apparently, is the one that is sent to markets, bakeries, and florists, to be king stuck in a meal nose in everything, what’s coming to him.

Since Prince Charles as a representative of the British Royal family around the world and UK tours, he is seen again and again in photos, where he sniffs at things: beautiful flowers, fresh hay, to cheeses, to spicy garlic – the Prince, the nose does not pass so quickly.

Charming photos of Prince Charles

The photos have a certain innocent charm, and should actually be a Meme (a viral Internet joke). You are strongly reminiscent of the Blog “Kim Jong-il looks at things” gathered photos of the former Supreme leader of North Korea.

The Blog was developed in 2011 for the viral Hit and a Top Google search in reference to Kim Jong is il. Who knows, maybe can no longer hold the world soon, in front of laugh – in pictures with the title: “Prince Charles sniffs at things.” (rgl)