The light Designer Louis Poulsen power for years, well over the dining table. Now Christof Kuhn* saw on the platform a second. Perfect for the living room, he thought. Friendly 300 Swiss francs, the cost of the part, a special offer, shipping and customs fees from China to Aesch BL yet to be included.

Kuhn ordered online, like thousands of other Swiss customers. 14 million Parcels from Asia reached last year by plane or ship to Switzerland. Diabetic stockings, toilet seat warmer, and pneudruck knife. Aliexpress is with a turnover of over 300 million Swiss francs within a few years to become the fifth retailer in the largest online ascended. Allows the costs are also extremely low postage.


The universal postal Union in Bern downgraded China by the end of 2017 as a threshold country. Now, the postage increased costs gradually, but it is still much cheaper to send a lamp from Beijing to Aesch as of Zurich to Aesch.

unpacked, As Kuhn in the light, his face long and longer. A screw was missing and the foot had an error, the mass voted. A real Poulsen it was hardly the costs in Switzerland to 650 francs. Kuhn had not chosen at Aliexpress the cheapest variant in the adoption of a Poulsen-luminaire for 100 francs, is said to be an Original.

Import and Export bans

sent Kuhn back Disappointed the thing. Banned because the Swiss customs regulation of import, such as export of counterfeit Goods says. The competent authorities, no case is known, however, in which someone due to such export punished.

fished the customs last year, around 3300 imports with trademark counterfeiting from the packet stream, especially handbags and watches. The receiver remains unpunished. But the owner of the trademark may demand from him money for the expenses.

For the registered light to China, the Swiss Post Christof Kuhn buttoning 95 francs postage. The dealer in Chinagab him the purchase price back. The Swiss customs retained, however, the Fr. 64.50 for taxes and fees, the Kuhn at the time of importation had to pay. “Overall, I have Fr. 159.50 was paid for,” says Kuhn. A second lamp, he has not still.

*the Name has been changed

This article was taken from the magazine “observer”. More exciting articles, see

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