Customers of the Belgian brand Meryll Rogge criticized the product brand due to its similarities with cheap rubber gloves. The relevant statements highlighted in the Daily Mail.

we are talking about the jacket from silk, which is sold in American Department store Nordstrom. The said thing is made in a bright orange color and decorated in a bulky gloves. The cost of clothing on the website amounted to 597 pounds (60 thousand roubles).

netizens cursed the jacket in the review, comparing it with household gloves. “Why buy cheap rubber gloves to wash dishes, if you can buy a pair of gloves for $ 740?”, “In this jacket you can wash the dishes and toilets”, “It looks like a costume of a serial killer” — said nick.

Earlier in may clothes cheap favorite brand of Russians cursed for the resemblance of diapers. We are talking about short shorts with the online retailer and manufacturer of clothing Asos, which is decorated with ruffle and floral print.