Perhaps you’ve even marked it in the home. There are too many just cut a big part of the fuse.

The brands you specially at Harald Nyborg, where the number of customers actually increased during the coronakrisen.

At the beginning of the corona-the quarantine came the customers almost to blows about håndsprit, but now there are also other small things that can start the irritation of the customers.

This explains the store manager Dennis Larsen for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

“There are very many customers who have a slightly shorter fuse. Let’s say it this way. They are a little more frustrated, I think. There are many customers who also come up to quarrel. If they do not keep the distance, the discussions about who jumps ahead in the queue, and why you do not use gloves. There is a lot of focus from the customers, so there are many tensions in the air.”

He also says that the customers are rough on the employees, and get shouted epithets after them.

Harald Nyborg has previously received attention during the corona-the epidemic, because they chose to put the prices up, for example, for mundbind. They refused, however, to B. T., that it was because of corona.

“I would like to stress that it had nothing to do with the coronavirus. The idea that you could turn the heads of coronavirus, had not occurred to us. And so was it also before, it had been found in Denmark,” said Arne Gerlyng-Hansen, who is director of the company.